2:00pm-Doors Open
3:00pm-Monsters of Schlock
4:00pm-Tattoo Competition    Judging:Script & Realism
5:00pm-Shibari Performance
6:00pm-Stage Contest
7:00pm-Burlesque  Performance
9:00pm-Shibari Performance
10:00pm-Tattoo Competition Judging: New School
11:00pm-Tattoo of the Day Judging
12:00pm-Doors Close
12:00pm-Doors Open
1:00pm-Stage Contest
2:00pm-Shibari Performance
3:00pm-Monsters Of Schlock
4:00pm-Stage Competition
5:00pm-Tattoo Competition Judging: American Traditional & Neo Traditional
7:00pm-Shibari Performance
8:00pm-Burlesque Performance
10:00pm-Tattoo of the Day Judging
11:00pm-Doors Close
12:00pm-Doors open
2:00pm-Stage Contest
3:00pm-Tattoo Competition Judging:
-Color (Sm, Med, Lg)
-Black & Grey (Sm,Med Lg)
-Color Portrait
-Black & Grey Portrait
6:00pm-Tattoo of the Day Judging
6:30pm-Best In Show Judging
7:00pm-Doors Close